Saturday, March 10, 2007

We went to the Rodeo tonight. We actually left at about 4:00 this afternoon so we would have time to walk around and look at the animals. I am an idiot and left the camera at home!! But...I did pay $7 for a picture of her on the pony ride. I really wanted to buy her a pink cowgirl hat to match her boots, but everything is soooo very expensive there! We really didn't need to spend as much money as we did, let alone any more than we did! Hannah didn't take a nap today so I can't believe that when we got home, she was still going strong. Although that didn't last long!! She's sound asleep now! I was also amazed that she actually got in the pin with the goats and actually fed them! She's not very fond of most animals...especially if they are prone to jumping on you...and we all know how billy goats can be! I feel like we were ripped off there though...we paid $2 to give those goats food that we bought from the people who owned the goats!! Shouldn't they be buying their own food? Although there wasn't a charge to go into the petting zoo area, I'm sure they got paid by the rodeo to come and set up there! How silly were we to fall for that one?!?!?! After going through the animal exhibits, we ate some really good junk food! I had shrimp on a stick, red beans and rice and boudin!! It was good! Now I'm hurtin'!! Zantac to the rescue!!! Worth every bit of indigestion though!! The only thing Hannah didn't get to do was ride the ferris wheel. By the time we got over there, we were exhausted and fresh out of money!!!

I wanted to post the picture of her on the pony, but I can't get the scanner to work...perhaps I'll update tomorrow and add the pic!


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