Sunday, April 29, 2007
Enoch & Methuselah With Canes?

Tonight I was reading to Hannah from her little devotional book about Enoch and Methuselah. As I was telling her about how old they were when she announced that they were, "really, really old! They probably had to use one of those walking thangs (motioning as if she were using a cane), 'cause their legs probably didn't work very well!" Then she proceeded to tell me that one day I was going to get that old and that I would probably have to use one of those walking thangs too!! I guess that's better than the alternative though...I don't know!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007
Holey, Holey, Holey

The day before yesterday Hannah was jumping on our bed in nothing but her underwear when she looked down and realized that her underwear had a hole in it. I reckon she's never had a hole in her underwear before. She looked at me and said, "uh, I have a hole in my panties!" "You do," I said! Then she said, "yeah, dere just like your's!" So underwear isn't on the top of my list of things to get myself...but...maybe it should be!!

I haven't taken any pictures of Hannah lately so I haven't had any new to post, but hopefully I'll get around to taking and posting some in the next day or so!

Saturday, April 21, 2007
Hannah, Don't Do That Again!

Today I was on the computer and Hannah came in here to me and said excitedly while holding dry spaghetti in her hand, "Mommy, I gave Leigh Anne a bite of this and she ate it!" "Oh my, did she like it," I asked. She said, "yeah, her did!" That's when I told her, "Hannah, don't do that again!" When I asked Leigh Anne if Hannah had fed her dry spaghetti she said she had and laughed. I then asked Leigh Anne if she liked it and she said, "no!" So I asked her why she ate it and then she said, "I did like it!" I'm really surprised that Leigh Anne didn't choke on it!

Hannah found another nini today! I'm really surprised that she keeps bringing them to me. Of course she cries when I take it. If I were her, I would run off and hide while I enjoyed the thing for a little while. Or actually hide the nini and go back to it later! Guess she hasn't developed that dishonest thing yet! Thank goodness!

Also lately Hannah has learned a new song. I'm trying to figure out how to upload an audio file so y'all can hear it. Any ideas??

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Three Days & Three Nights

That's how long it's been since Hannah has taken a nini. Well, with the exception of the two that she under the couch and one under Maw Maw's bed. She made sure she got a quick suck on both of those. But, she has done relatively well. I expected her to be fussy or grumpy, but she has handled it really well. The only time she really fusses is when she is going to bed and she fussed when we took the two that she found away. And last night was even easier than the first two nights! I think this might actually work!! But just between you and me...I'm still tempted to give it back to her...because it makes me so sad that she's grown up so much!! I'm not really going to do that, but the thought did cross my mind!

Today we went to Toy's R Us and walked around in there for at least an hour while Discount Tire, next door was changing my tires. We spent $9 at Toy's R Us and over $550 at Discount Tire. I would say that the $9 spent at Toy's R Us will be enjoyed more than the $550 at Discount Tire, but I know that being stranded, at home or else where, would not be fun at all! Now tomorrow we get to go spend about $60 or $70 more on getting my wheels alligned so that the new tires don't wear out like the old ones did!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
How She Did

Well, she did o.k. until it was time to go to sleep. Then she really and I mean really wanted her nini. We rocked her, sat in bed with her, tried to read to her, tried to watch a movie with her and then finally decided to take her for a ride. Finally after about an hour in the car she fell asleep without the nini. When we got her home, I put her in bed and she slept all night without the nini, but when she woke up this morning she really wanted it again. She was better once we got out of bed and she didn't ask for it all day until just now when she was getting ready to lay down. I had decided that I wouldn't push a nap today so that maybe she wouldn't ask for it. Hopefully she will do a little better each night. She seems o.k. for now...they are reading in there. One night down...who knows how many to go!! It really does make me a little sad though because it was really her last little baby thing that she did...where has the time gone???

Monday, April 16, 2007
The Nini Bears

Well after a long debate in Walmart as to whether or not Hannah would agree to put her ninis inside the bears we would make, I bought a Build A Bear like machine for Hannah to make some bears. After she ate her dinner, we got the bear machine out of the box and put the "only" three ninis that we could find inside three different bears! She has done pretty well about only having them when she is going to sleep, but I really think it's time we gave them up all together and I realize that this is probably long overdue, but if the worst thing I do as her mother is let her have her nini too long, then I think I'm doing o.k. I doubt she'll be emotionally scarred by it. So we may have to have braces when she's a teenager...we probably would have had to have them anyway. So we'll see how this goes tonight at bedtime! It was really kind of sad. After she put the first one in and it was closed up she started crying and thought about making the other two bears tomorrow. But with a little encouragement she finished all three bears and seems content for the time being. This may be a different story when she gets ready to go to sleep tonight. We'll keep our fingers crossed!!

On the same subject, Maw Maw and I were talking to Hannah about getting rid of the ninis earlier today and Maw Maw asked Hannah, "what are you going to do when Mama decides to just get rid of the ninis altogether?" Hannah's response, "I'll just whack her head off!" I'm quite sure that is a phrase she learned from her father. How do you respond to that?

Saturday, April 14, 2007
Note To Self:

When going to the zoo on a day when the temperature is about 60 degrees, go ahead and wear your jeans and a sweatshirt...and your comfortable tennis shoes that you can wear socks with instead of capris and flip flops! Oh yeah and don't just put your daughter's short overalls on her! It was darn cold at the zoo today. And...we forgot our camera! Oh well, I really didn't want you all to see how purple Hannah can turn when she is really cold! She didn't complain much though. I guess the lure of the wild was enough to keep her content and distracted from the cold. Thankfully I did have jackets, blankets and a sweatshirt. We were supposed to meet the children's department from church there. Only two families were brave with Mimi and Hannah's friend Billy with his family. I think they had a good time though. And with it only being the few of us, we didn't have to feel so bad when we were ready to hit the it all worked out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hannah had a pretty good Easter. We didn't do much out of the ordinary, but I thought I would put a few pictures of her in her dress and of her playing with her new bubble machine(hint: if you click on the pictures they get considerably bigger and you can see them better). The weather was insane here Sunday so we didn't hide Easter eggs. Which was fine with me and it didn't really seem to bother Hannah much either. I guess she was content with the few that she found in Sunday School. I love the pictures of her running. I don't know why, maybe it's because she runs so girly and uncoordinated like. Funny thing Hannah said on Easter as I was putting batteries in her bubble machine, "oh that's where they go. I was looking at that tryin' to see where the batteries went and I thought, 'hmmm'!" I love that she was actually pondering in her little mind where the batteries could possibly go.

In other news, I get to have my defibrillator replaced. On Friday, I heard a beeping noise while I was taking a bath and thought that sounds like it's coming from inside of me! So I leaned my ear over towards my shoulder and it really did sound like it was inside of me. I called the heart clinic and they told me to come in and have my device interrogated (sounds like it committed a crime huh). We weren't positive that it was the defibrillator because the t.v. was on in our room and "My Favorite Martian" was on...does anyone else think that's funny? But it turns out that it wasn't "My Favorite Martian", it was me!! Apparently the battery is low and it's just time to replace the thing!! Fortunately for me, I've done some reading online and most of the time patients that have this done don't even have to stay in the hospital overnight!! Yay!! Unfortunately for my family...I think I'll milk it and have them wait hand and foot on me!!! Haha...just kidding, family!! Anyway...I haven't heard it beep since (they said it would beep sixteen times every six hours...guess they don't want me to forget). I'm due to beep in about an hour...maybe I'll stay up to listen for it. I have been singing to Joey since Friday..."don't you wish your girlfriend could beep like me!" He doesn't think it's as funny as he did on Friday! Guess my joke has lost it's appeal. Oh well!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007
My Bones?

As we were drivinig around this afternoon, Hannah saw a billboard that had a picture of a baby on it. It was an advertisement for an area hospital's birthing center. So we were on the topic of babies and how they are born in the hospital when Hannah said, "when I was inside your tummy, I was looking at all of your bones! "Oh really? What did they look like," I asked. "Dey were all bwoody! And I was bwoody too!"

What an imagination she has.


I found a new site that might be helpful for those who are looking for a daycare provider. I am so fortunate to be able to stay home with Hannah, but I know that there are parents out there that have no choice, but have both parents working. For those individuals this site might prove helpful when selecting a daycare or trying to find the right child care for their children. What's great is that you can search for a facility or provider that is accredited by the government, one that offers an educational program and for providers that have services available at different times of the day. I typed in my zip code and found three listings for providers in my zip code. I would imagine that as the site grows they will add even more. So if you're looking for daycare, a nanny or any kind of childcare, check this site out. You might just find exactly what you are looking for.

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