Wednesday, April 18, 2007
How She Did

Well, she did o.k. until it was time to go to sleep. Then she really and I mean really wanted her nini. We rocked her, sat in bed with her, tried to read to her, tried to watch a movie with her and then finally decided to take her for a ride. Finally after about an hour in the car she fell asleep without the nini. When we got her home, I put her in bed and she slept all night without the nini, but when she woke up this morning she really wanted it again. She was better once we got out of bed and she didn't ask for it all day until just now when she was getting ready to lay down. I had decided that I wouldn't push a nap today so that maybe she wouldn't ask for it. Hopefully she will do a little better each night. She seems o.k. for now...they are reading in there. One night down...who knows how many to go!! It really does make me a little sad though because it was really her last little baby thing that she did...where has the time gone???


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