Monday, April 16, 2007
The Nini Bears

Well after a long debate in Walmart as to whether or not Hannah would agree to put her ninis inside the bears we would make, I bought a Build A Bear like machine for Hannah to make some bears. After she ate her dinner, we got the bear machine out of the box and put the "only" three ninis that we could find inside three different bears! She has done pretty well about only having them when she is going to sleep, but I really think it's time we gave them up all together and I realize that this is probably long overdue, but if the worst thing I do as her mother is let her have her nini too long, then I think I'm doing o.k. I doubt she'll be emotionally scarred by it. So we may have to have braces when she's a teenager...we probably would have had to have them anyway. So we'll see how this goes tonight at bedtime! It was really kind of sad. After she put the first one in and it was closed up she started crying and thought about making the other two bears tomorrow. But with a little encouragement she finished all three bears and seems content for the time being. This may be a different story when she gets ready to go to sleep tonight. We'll keep our fingers crossed!!

On the same subject, Maw Maw and I were talking to Hannah about getting rid of the ninis earlier today and Maw Maw asked Hannah, "what are you going to do when Mama decides to just get rid of the ninis altogether?" Hannah's response, "I'll just whack her head off!" I'm quite sure that is a phrase she learned from her father. How do you respond to that?

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

I've seen that machine. That is a great idea to put those pacifiers in there. Now, if you find the bears laying around, ripped apart, stuffing everywhere, you'll know that her threat for you is sincere. My response to her "head whacking" statement would then be to run. ;-)


Anonymous Cindy had this to say:

What a GREAT idea! Hang on to that machine, I may have to borrow it for Emma one day!


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