Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Since we live where it is increadibly hot and humid there are tons of mosquitos in the summertime. So I have to be really careful about when Hannah goes outside and always make sure that she has bug spray on. At night when the mosquitos are at their worst I usually don't let her go out too much and during the day I have to worry about her getting sunburned because she is so fair skinned. At our house with freckles, fair skin and a strange attractiveness to mosquitos we have to be really careful about how we tend skin. I feel terrible because I know that it is healthy for kids to go outside and play, but at the same time I have to think about her getting sunburned or mosquito bites. Hannah is so ready to play outside in her pool and the weather is good for it, but the thought of her crying for hours on end about her "mostito bites" itching does not sound appealing to me. But none the less we'll end up outside some this you might want to think about stock in the sunscreen and bug repellant industries!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Sneaky Hannah

Today Hannah had another 2 hour ballet rehearsal. She did great during the first hour, but was ready to go home before they did their 2nd dance. She came out to me with her regular shoes on and said, "mama, I'm tired and I'm ready to go home now. I don't want to do ballet anymore, 'tause I'm tired!" Poor girl. I felt bad for her, but she had to practice her second dance so after a little coaxing she reluctantly went back in for the 2nd dance. On the way home I stopped to get her a prize for doing so well and going back in even though she didn't want to. Before we went in the store I asked her why she hadn't wanted to stay. She said, "betause I was tired of hearing all of dose tids talking!" Then she told me that some of the kids had gotten in trouble in the back room for hanging on the bars and the teacher had fussed at them saying that the bars could fall over. So I asked her if the teacher had fussed at her. I wondered if she was among those that were hanging on the bar. She said, "no I didn't get fussed at. I just hanged on there a lil' bit when the teacher wasn't in there." Great so she doesn't get into trouble, but not because she doesn't do things that merit getting in trouble. It's because she's sneaky!!! Little turkey!


As Hannah's mom I worry about all kinds of things. From the time I was pregnant with her I worried about the nutrition she gets, was I eating the right things while I was pregnant. Now it's how can I just get her to eat. I also worry about am I disciplining her right. Is she going to grow up and be a bad kid or am I doing everything that I can to make sure that she makes right decisions in life? Some things I can make a difference on and some things I just have to dio the best I can and pray that I get it right. One thing though that I can make a difference on is how well she is prepared to go to school and learn. I know that the earlier she starts learning things like counting and the alphabet the better off she'll be when she does start school. We are planning on homeschooling her or at least giving it a good try. If it doesn't work for us, I know I always have the option of private or public schools. As I was looking around on the internet today researching homeschool programs I also came across a tutoring program that might be very helpful to us even now as she is only about to turn 4. They have an innovative tutor program for kids of all ages, from 4 years through highschool. This might just be the key to Hannah's and our success with homeschooling because I know there are things that she will need to learn that I'm just not familiar with. I know she's not ready for trig yet, but right now I am especially interested in their pre-kindergarten early learner program. I can enroll Hannah now and they will send her 75 books that work on letter combinations and sounding it out strategies. And if we register before May 31st they will wave the registration fee so we'll save $125. Go to the SCORE website now to watch a video about how SCORE can help your child.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Promised Pictures

So here are a couple of the pictures of Hannah and Billy having fun at the mall!

On the merry go round.

At the mall they have a little area outside of the restrooms with a couple of little tables set up and one of the tables has this bead maze on it. Hannah would slide the beads over to Billy's side and this in turn would make him laugh! It was so funny to watch him laugh at the beads that would fall down on his side because he thought it was hilarious.

This next week Hannah has two ballet/tap rehearsals that are 2 hours each and one rehearsal that is an hour. She is actually only dancing for a few minutes out of each rehearsal and watching for the rest of the time. On this past Thursday when she had a 2 hour rehearsal, she did pretty well. Hopefully she wont get too burned out on dance that she doesn't want to cooperate at the recital! Sunday is the big day!! With video to follow on the blog for sure!!!

Speaking of Hannah's recital, the theme for the show is The Wizard of Oz. She always says, "The Wizarp uh Oz!" Anyway so a month or so ago we bought the movie for her to watch thinking maybe it would help her get used to the idea of the show and if you recall there is one part in the movie where the wicked witch of the west shouts, "I'll get you my pritty!" Joey is always saying this to Hannah when he plays with her and chases her. Well, he realized just how hick of an accent he has when the other day Hannah said in the car, "I will git you my purdy!"

Friday, May 25, 2007
I Love The 80's

O.k. so I'm about to Fallout. When the group Police broke up in the mid 80's I thought to myself...I Can't Stand Losing You, Police! All I wanted to do was to be Next To You while you sang songs to me. My favorite song is Roxanne...we have a friend and her name is Roxanne...every time I see her I want to sing....Roooxxxxxxannne! But the Truth Hits Everybody when we remember that you left a Hole In My Life and left us all So Lonely back in the 80's when you split up. All we wanted was for you to send us a Message In A Bottle saying that you were bringing back the Reggatta de Blanc. We wanted you to Bring On The Night that you would do another tour and release a new album. Then we would feel as if we were Walking On The Moon! When they told me you had, I said, "Don't Stand So Close To Me when you tease like that! I might just be Driven To Tears!" But then I found out it was true and I felt dizzy, like a Canary In A Coalmine! You make me want to sing...Do Do Do de Da Da Da and ever since then I've thought I've heard Voices In My Head, saying that the Invisible Sun wants me to go to the concert and buy your new Police CD! I bet you didn't know that my daughter sings your songs and it's so fact, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. My husband on the other hand doesn't get it. He thinks you're just Spirits In The Material World...he's a Demolition Man. But, Every Breath You Take is in Synchronicity I with mine! You have me Wrapped Around Your Finger and I know that there isn't anyone who could ever be Walking In Your Footsteps! Everyone should be in Synchronicity II with you. These young kids now days think 80's music is the King Of Pain most of the music they listen to drives them to commit Murder By Numbers, but I think The Police are more like Tea in The Sahara!

So have y'all heard? Police is on tour again and they have a new double album out! The new Police CD is a classic with 28 awesome tracks on it.

You can buy the new Police CD online.

Thursday, May 24, 2007
Day Out...All Day Out!

We are pooped! We spent the whole day out and about. We went to the mall with Billy and Amy. I don't think Hannah has played so hard in a long time. After the mall we went to Hannah's ballet class only to find out that they were in the middle of rehearsals so her class time had changed. She normally goes on Thursdays at 4:30 PM, but since they are so close to the recital they are doing complete run throughs of the recital in scene order. So we left to return an hour and 45 minutes later and stay for 2 hours! Insane!!

So I took a bunch of pictures of Hannah and Billy playing and riding the merry go round, but I'll have to post them I said, I'm pooped!!!

Shawnthegreat out!!!

New Roll Out At PPP!

And this one is really awsome. You may have noticed the new button in the side column of this page and wondered what it was. Well it is part of this new PayPerPost direct program that PayPerPost has started. It allows advertisers to ask me specifically to post about their company or website. And one great thing about it is that I get to set my minimum. If I want advertisers to pay me $20 to write a post, then that is what I set my minimum at and if an advertiser wants me to write a post about them, then that is what they pay me! How cool is that? Now I have tried another "advertise on my blog" program in the past...blogsvertise to be specific...and I never got any bites from advertisers, thus I never got paid one penny. Plus any other program that I've seen takes a much bigger chunk of my change. Most have a 100% mark-up so that means that I only get 1/2 of what my post actually makes. With PPP Direct, I get 90%. That's right there is only 10% mark-up and half of that is to pay the fees for paypal. I also think that PPP Direct is the safest way to do blog ads. PPP assures you that you will get paid for what you do as apparently that is a problem with other blog advertising companies. In my opinion PPP is the way to go when you are doing advertising on your blog!

This post is sponsored by and I heart PayPerPost.


Lately Hannah has really taken to playing in the bathroom sink! This is a dilema because I would love to lock the bathroom door so that she wont do this, but then she wouldn't be able to get in there if she really needed to use the facilities! So I've told her not to play in the water in there, but apparently she forgets that I've made that rule! Or she just chooses to break the rule. I'm hoping it is the previous because I don't want to believe that my angel is actually a little turkey! I'm sure you all recall the "chocolate milk" incident. Well a few days after that I went in to brush my teeth before bed and my toothbrush tasted like soap! I thought, I'm just going to pretend I don't taste that and not think about all the things she might have scrubbed with my toothbrush. So now that I've made a "rule" up about playing in the bathroom sink, if I hear the water running and ask, "Hannah, what are you doing?" Her quick response is, "NOTHIN'!!!"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Mother's Day Gift Part 2

Did I mention that I love my Mother's Day gift? Well I do and I also still love my Mother's Day gift from last year too! It was the actual IPod that I got last year. I was wishing that I had taken the IPod with me yesterday when we went to two doctor's appointments with Hannah in tow. She did really well, but she is 3 after all and spending the afternoon sitting in waiting rooms for doctors and lab work isn't exactly entertaining you know. If I had thought the day through I would have brought our own entertainment such as coloring books, a toy or two and the video IPod. But I was an idiot and Hannah had to be entertained by business magazines and looking out the window of one waiting room that was 24 stories up. The window was cool for her, but even that didn't last very long and that was at the first appointment. On the IPod we have several of Hannah's favorite movies and the whole first season of Disney's Little Einsteins plus a 30 minute Pooh show. Speaking of putting movies on the IPod I found a site that has downloadable software to get movies from your DVD collection to iPod Video. We usually use Toast Titanium because that is what we have, but the one I found today only costs half of what Toast does. And according to the website it is 4X faster than most other software that does the same thing. So if you are thinking about buying a video IPod or already have one and don't have software to transfer your dvd's to it, you might think about PQDVD.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
The Great Thing...

...about my Mother's Day gift...I love it. I got I-tunes gift cards to buy all three seasons of Grey's Anatomy. The bad thing...I get so absorbed in it that Hannah finds all kinds of wonderful things to do while I am preoccupied! Like making chocolate milk. Making chocolate milk in my tooth brush cup in the bathroom using water, soap, moisturizer, half a thing of baby powder and half a tube of foundation!!! Foundation that costs about $12 a tube! $6 chocolate milk...not counting what the other things she used cost.

Monday, May 14, 2007
Knock Knock Jokes

Apparently they are lost on Hannah. Today in the car I was trying to get her to play along, but she just didn't quite get it. The conversation went something like this...

Me: Hannah, knock knock...
Me: Say, "who's there?"
Hannah: who is it?
Me: Orange
Hannah: Tome on in!!

So then I tried just telling her a joke and it went like this...

Me: Hannah, why'd the chicken cross the road?
Hannah: Ah ha ha ha ha...dat's so funny momma!

I guess the joke was on me!

Then later in the car I did something and Joey laughed at me because I'm still a little sore. So I jokingly socked him in the arm and Hannah shouts out, "did you just punch MY DADDY?" Forget that I had hurt myself!!! Then she started laughing too saying, "hahaha, I was just tidding!"

Another cute thing Hannah has said lately came while we were shopping on Saturday. We had gotten a couple of gifts for Maw Maw and Mimi and we were in Target just doing some general shopping when Hannah asked, "so when is kid's day?" That was after she asked what we were going to buy her for Mother's Day and I told her that she wasn't a mother.

On a side note...I managed to find those shorts for her at Target this weekend and I love them! Anyone looking for longer little girl shorts should go there. Every pair of shorts I've looked at for her are so short that she exposes herself when she sits down in them. Why do they make shorts like that for little girls???

Thursday, May 10, 2007
Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging!

It's been quite a while since I blogged last. After I had my defibrillator replaced I've been doing pretty well, but the antibiotics I was on somehow made by blood pressure drop even lower than it normally is. It is normally around 90/55 or 60. On the antibiotics it was as low as 77/40. If you've never had blood pressure that low be grateful!! It makes you feel like royal poo! So to say I'm glad I'm off of the antibiotics is an understatement!! After I got off of the antibiotics I went into panic mode because we had our annual ladies banquet at church tonight. Normally I have tons to do at this time, but this time I only did the printing and I had to give my testimony!! AAAAGGGHHHHH! I was a little worried that I was going to put my new defibrillator to the test because I was super nervous and my heart was pounding! There were about 100 ladies there!! So I'm super glad that is over with. Now I can regroup and recover from that so I will probably start blogging a little more again.

So what has Hannah Banana been up to?? Well she is getting ready for her ballet recital that is coming up on the 3rd of June so ballet is pretty intense right now. The other night I was saying something about being sore and Hannah asked, "is it your bobo that is sore?" I said, "yes, it's sore where they had to cut me." "Oh, I'm dunna pray for your bobo to get better. Jesus will make it all well!" So she rolled over and put her face into her hands and said, "Jesus? Please make mama's bobo better. You will? Oh, otay. And if you tould please make it snow here!" I thought that was cute seeing how we live where it NEVER snows and it is May!!

And later...when I can get some pictures uploaded, I'll post them. Right now the good computer is turned off for the thunderstorm so I'll have to do that later. I've missed my blogging friends!! It's good to be back.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
New Battries!

I feel so recharged!! Just kidding! I got my defibrillator generator replaced yesterday and I thought I'd share a picture of my old device that I scanned. They gave me the old one and gave me one that is just like the new one that they put in. Everything went well...I'm a little sore, but other than that nothing too exciting to report!

The device they took out of me.

The kind they put back in me.

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