Friday, May 25, 2007
I Love The 80's

O.k. so I'm about to Fallout. When the group Police broke up in the mid 80's I thought to myself...I Can't Stand Losing You, Police! All I wanted to do was to be Next To You while you sang songs to me. My favorite song is Roxanne...we have a friend and her name is Roxanne...every time I see her I want to sing....Roooxxxxxxannne! But the Truth Hits Everybody when we remember that you left a Hole In My Life and left us all So Lonely back in the 80's when you split up. All we wanted was for you to send us a Message In A Bottle saying that you were bringing back the Reggatta de Blanc. We wanted you to Bring On The Night that you would do another tour and release a new album. Then we would feel as if we were Walking On The Moon! When they told me you had, I said, "Don't Stand So Close To Me when you tease like that! I might just be Driven To Tears!" But then I found out it was true and I felt dizzy, like a Canary In A Coalmine! You make me want to sing...Do Do Do de Da Da Da and ever since then I've thought I've heard Voices In My Head, saying that the Invisible Sun wants me to go to the concert and buy your new Police CD! I bet you didn't know that my daughter sings your songs and it's so fact, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. My husband on the other hand doesn't get it. He thinks you're just Spirits In The Material World...he's a Demolition Man. But, Every Breath You Take is in Synchronicity I with mine! You have me Wrapped Around Your Finger and I know that there isn't anyone who could ever be Walking In Your Footsteps! Everyone should be in Synchronicity II with you. These young kids now days think 80's music is the King Of Pain most of the music they listen to drives them to commit Murder By Numbers, but I think The Police are more like Tea in The Sahara!

So have y'all heard? Police is on tour again and they have a new double album out! The new Police CD is a classic with 28 awesome tracks on it.

You can buy the new Police CD online.


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