Monday, May 14, 2007
Knock Knock Jokes

Apparently they are lost on Hannah. Today in the car I was trying to get her to play along, but she just didn't quite get it. The conversation went something like this...

Me: Hannah, knock knock...
Me: Say, "who's there?"
Hannah: who is it?
Me: Orange
Hannah: Tome on in!!

So then I tried just telling her a joke and it went like this...

Me: Hannah, why'd the chicken cross the road?
Hannah: Ah ha ha ha ha...dat's so funny momma!

I guess the joke was on me!

Then later in the car I did something and Joey laughed at me because I'm still a little sore. So I jokingly socked him in the arm and Hannah shouts out, "did you just punch MY DADDY?" Forget that I had hurt myself!!! Then she started laughing too saying, "hahaha, I was just tidding!"

Another cute thing Hannah has said lately came while we were shopping on Saturday. We had gotten a couple of gifts for Maw Maw and Mimi and we were in Target just doing some general shopping when Hannah asked, "so when is kid's day?" That was after she asked what we were going to buy her for Mother's Day and I told her that she wasn't a mother.

On a side note...I managed to find those shorts for her at Target this weekend and I love them! Anyone looking for longer little girl shorts should go there. Every pair of shorts I've looked at for her are so short that she exposes herself when she sits down in them. Why do they make shorts like that for little girls???


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