Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Since we live where it is increadibly hot and humid there are tons of mosquitos in the summertime. So I have to be really careful about when Hannah goes outside and always make sure that she has bug spray on. At night when the mosquitos are at their worst I usually don't let her go out too much and during the day I have to worry about her getting sunburned because she is so fair skinned. At our house with freckles, fair skin and a strange attractiveness to mosquitos we have to be really careful about how we tend skin. I feel terrible because I know that it is healthy for kids to go outside and play, but at the same time I have to think about her getting sunburned or mosquito bites. Hannah is so ready to play outside in her pool and the weather is good for it, but the thought of her crying for hours on end about her "mostito bites" itching does not sound appealing to me. But none the less we'll end up outside some this you might want to think about stock in the sunscreen and bug repellant industries!!



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