Sunday, May 27, 2007
Promised Pictures

So here are a couple of the pictures of Hannah and Billy having fun at the mall!

On the merry go round.

At the mall they have a little area outside of the restrooms with a couple of little tables set up and one of the tables has this bead maze on it. Hannah would slide the beads over to Billy's side and this in turn would make him laugh! It was so funny to watch him laugh at the beads that would fall down on his side because he thought it was hilarious.

This next week Hannah has two ballet/tap rehearsals that are 2 hours each and one rehearsal that is an hour. She is actually only dancing for a few minutes out of each rehearsal and watching for the rest of the time. On this past Thursday when she had a 2 hour rehearsal, she did pretty well. Hopefully she wont get too burned out on dance that she doesn't want to cooperate at the recital! Sunday is the big day!! With video to follow on the blog for sure!!!

Speaking of Hannah's recital, the theme for the show is The Wizard of Oz. She always says, "The Wizarp uh Oz!" Anyway so a month or so ago we bought the movie for her to watch thinking maybe it would help her get used to the idea of the show and if you recall there is one part in the movie where the wicked witch of the west shouts, "I'll get you my pritty!" Joey is always saying this to Hannah when he plays with her and chases her. Well, he realized just how hick of an accent he has when the other day Hannah said in the car, "I will git you my purdy!"


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