Saturday, June 30, 2007
Hannah's 1st Birthday Party!

Today we had Hannah's first birthday party where she got to invite friends. Hannah was excited from the time she woke up...actually she was excited as she went to bed last night too!! She's been looking forward to this for at least a week now. So here are a few snapshots that I took this afternoon. Her birthday isn't actually until Monday, so there'll be one more birthday post then!! I can't believe that she is going to be 4 years old!! Seems like just yesterday that we found out I was pregnant with her!!

Check out her cake...I made it myself. Of course it looked like that when I finished, but then the purple icing bled onto the white...note to self: check with the cake decorating lady that you know and inquire how to prevent that next time!

"I Didn't Get To Catch A Ball!!!"

Last night we went to a ball game. I'm not sure that Hannah was all that impressed. I don't know if she was just tired or fussy because it was so hot, but she did more than her fair share of whining to leave! Which surprised me because she usually enjoys doing things like this. We watched the first 4 innings and then spent the next 3 1/2 innings walking around and snuck down to better seats for the last 1 1/2! I think the only part she enjoyed was the firework show at the end of the game.

I do not know how Joey managed to walk up all of those steps...into the nosebleed section...with Hannah on his shoulders! I was huffing and puffing halfway up and I was just carrying a baked potato and my purse! I think next time we'll splurge and get lower seats! I was just glad they had escalators that went up to the 4th level! I would have never made it had I had to walk up stairs for every level! Thank goodness for escalators!

Note the look on Hannah's face here. This is just before we reached meltdown...brought on by the fact that she didn't catch a ball. The last play of the game was a homerun that won the game for the home team. Everyone was jumping and yelling...not Hannah...she was about to burst into tears and when she finally did she cried, "I didn't get to catch the ball!" As she held her hands out like she would if she were catching a ball that we tossed to her! She was SAD! So for her birthday...she's getting a baseball!

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Happy Birthday, Daddy!

So here is a video rerun. I posted this for Father's Day '06, but today is Joey's birthday and I thought it was good enough to repost.

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Happy Birthday, Joey! Hannah and I both love you very much!

4th of July Giveaway! I'm In!


So maybe you've seen the link in my sidebar for the site 5 Minutes For Mom. Well, they are always having contests and giveaways. For 4th of July they are giving away six amazing prizes (ice cream maker, trip and more) in their July 4th Giveaway! Anyone can enter...even if you don't have a blog. So go to 5 Minutes For Mom and register to win. Be sure that you enter each giveaway that you want in on cards, the icecream maker and the trip!! I just know I'm gonna win something! I feel lucky!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, June 23, 2007
Hannah Wrote Her Own Name!

I was really shocked when Hannah brought me this piece of paper that she had been drawing on and showed me where she had written her own name! Do you see it...right up at the top? And she did it all by herself. Granted she put an "A" where the second "N" should have been, but that was with noone telling her which letter was next or prompting in any way. I had been on the computer and she was on the floor behind me and I knew she was drawing, but I had no idea that she was writing her name.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
I Just Do What I Want To Do!

Not much happening these days. We are about to start getting ready for Hannah's birthday that is coming up in about a week and a half!! Hard to believe that she will be 4 years old!! This time next year we will be getting ready for school!!! Yuk!! Makes me sad just to think about it.

So Hannah's new thing...for those of you who don't know my husband well, he has quite the sense of humor. Sometimes when I ask him to do something for me, he comes back at me with, "woman, I do what I want to do and that's what I'll do!" Of course he is kidding when he says things like this, Hannah however doesn't quite have a good grasp on "kidding" yet. So the other day I told her not to do something and her response was, "mama, I just do what I want to do!" Haha! Guess again little girl! You do what I tell you to do or you get a spankin'!!! And it's not like she's being a smarty pants or anything...the tone she has is more of a pleading one as if to say, "but, I really want to do this or that...can I?" She has told me that she just does what she wants to several times now lately...but somehow, she always sees my way!!

Friday, June 15, 2007
Wordless Wordless Just Friday!

O.k. so I've neglected the blog for over a week now! When I was looking through pictures for last weeks Wordless Wednesday, I found this one and decided that I would wait until this week to post this picture and found another for last week. Why? Because I think it's a perfect picture for Father's Day. The picture was taken just a few weeks ago and of all the pictures we took that afternoon, it's my favorite...I don't know why, it just is. So I fully intended to post this picture on Wednesday, but we've been pretty busy this week. On Tuesday, Hannah's mimi had surgery...she's doing well and already home...and then we've just been kind of busy with other things. Plus, Joey's computer locked up on me two days in a row!! I wasn't happy about that! Nothing frustrates me more than a computer that wont do what you want it to! Still not sure why that happened. It locks up for about half the day and then out of nowhere it starts working again. Anyway...things have kind of slowed down today so here is the not so wordless...not so Wednesday...Friday post!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007
Dance Recital Video

Well, here are Hannah's two dances. Not much editing that I could do on these, so you get the raw form!! On the first dance it's kind of hard to see her for the most part, but you can see her a little. We were at a bad angle for that one because they had 3 rows of little girls for that dance and she was on the 2nd row off to the far side. I personally think she should have been front and center ('cause she was the cutest...and I doubt I'll get any argument about that here), but I'm sure that there were about 25 other mothers & fathers who thought the same about their child. Atleast she had another dance where she was front and practically center!! That was the second dance. I haven't had a chance to get the 35 millimeter film developed I remember why I usually take digital!! So even though I'm sure y'all will get tired of seeing things about the recital...there will be more!!

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My Computer...

EEaarrrghhh!! I absolutely can not wait until I can get my new computer!! But I absolutely will have to!! As tempting as it is to run to the Apple store and apply for their handy little credit card, I refuse to buy the thing on credit!!! When I get it, I want it to be all mine and paid for with good old cash!! I have saved about a third of the money that I need for it and I'm dyin' here! But...I was reading about consumer debt this morning and I am determined to wait it out!! After reading horror stories about people who get in way too deep, I will perserveer. One article that I read said that lending is down, but that likely means that banks and lenders will be scrambling to meet their profit margins thus increasing the intrest rates. I could very easily be...if I'm not already a shopaholic. I love shopping and buying new things...who doesn't, but buying things like a computer with credit would be insane for me to do as I would just be racking up unsecured debt like some of the women discussed in Unsecured Debt A Problem For Spendaholic Women. I don't want to be the one having to go to a credit counselor, looking for debt advice all because I couldn't wait a month or so to get my new computer. So I am determined to wait and buy my computer with COLD HARD CASH!! I will do it. I will do it. I will do it!!!!

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Big Girl Bed??

So I've been thinking about redoing Hannah's room and putting up a big girl bed. Not that it matters about the big girl bed because she never sleeps in there anyway. But when company comes it would be nice to have the extra bed available. I'm not sure how I want to decorate...or if I even want to change it up that much. I love some of the new vintage fabrics that they have now. But I also still love her ladybug stuff. I'm sure when It's all said and done, it will be a lot of her baby stuff with maybe a few new things or maybe a new spin on it. It does however make me very sad to think about putting away her baby bed. I hate that she is growing up so fast. Before we thought about things like what diapers should we use and if she takes a bottle which kind is the best...while I've had fun with her since she's gotten a little older and more independant, deep down inside, I'm not ready for dance recitals and big girl beds!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
I Make You Nervous?

One day quite some time ago Hannah was in Hobby Lobby with me and some of my extended family and she was sitting in the basket and my 2nd cousin was watching her. I had gone off to look at something while Amber pushed the buggy and kept an eye on Hannah. At some point I think Hannah kind of squatted in the seat of the buggy...not sitting the way she should and my cousin (Amber's mom) said something to the order of "Hannah, I don't like you to sit in there like that." And Hannah's response was, "I make you nervous?" Well, that wouldn't be that big of a deal that she said that, but the fact that she wasn't even 2 yet and saying words like nervous...well, that makes me nervous! Kind of nervous like I get when I'm behind a truck on the freeway that has stuff hanging off the back of a ladder or poles or something. I always feel like the thing is going to fall off the truck and end up in my face!! I wish those people would get a ladder rack. It has always made me nervous that Hannah talks so well. We have to be extremly careful what we say in our family!!! You never know what is going to come back and bite you right in the behind. Lots of times Hannah can be very loud and I always tell her, "Hannah, you're up here," at the same time motioning a level that her volume is at. Then I tell her, "you need to be down here," putting my hand quite a bit lower than before. The other day we were in the car and she was being rather loud again when I turned around to her (Joey was driving) and said, "Hannah you are very loud, you need to talk softer!" That is when she looked at me and said, "I'm way up here!" All the while holding her hand up as high as she could. "Now I'm here," holding her hand about half as high..."now I'm down here!" Each time she told me where she was she held her hand a little lower and in turn lowered her voice as well. Nice. But, it didn't keep!! And all the while I felt like she was taunting me! That makes me nervous!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

One thing that we haven't really been able to do much with Hannah is go on vacation. I would love to go somewhere...I mean a real vacation, the kind where you sit on the beach or go to a theme park or something fun like that. No responsibilities, no schedule to keep...just a time to get away and relax. Where would we go??? I have no idea. I hear the Carolina's are pretty. I've heard that you can rent properties to spend your vacation in. I'm not sure what Beaufort NC real estate or any Carolina real estate costs to rent for a week or weekend, but I wouldn't mind going there. I'd also love to go somewhere like Boston...and yeah in the fall!! That we'd have to do in the next year because Hannah will be starting school in a year! Yuk. Of course if we homeschool, we can always schedule our breaks around whenever we want to take vacations. Sometime soon I'd like to start planning a trip to somewhere besides an extended family memeber's house...that's about as far as we've gotten for vacation!! We are not cool!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007
A Few Pics To Tide You Over...

We are exhausted. The recital lasted from 3 until almost 8 PM and we stayed for the whole thing. We actually got there at about 2 PM. But, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures before I go to bed. These are the ones that turned out good from the digital camera. Digital cameras aren't that great when you're trying to hit a moving target...and that is kind of the idea with a dance recital! I have to get the 35 mil developed and will probably do that tomorrow. Then at some point we will upload the videos of Hannah's dances and I'll put them on here, but for now I'm off to shower then to bed!!! We are tired, but it was a lot of fun and Hannah did really well! More details later!!!

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