Tuesday, June 05, 2007
I Make You Nervous?

One day quite some time ago Hannah was in Hobby Lobby with me and some of my extended family and she was sitting in the basket and my 2nd cousin was watching her. I had gone off to look at something while Amber pushed the buggy and kept an eye on Hannah. At some point I think Hannah kind of squatted in the seat of the buggy...not sitting the way she should and my cousin (Amber's mom) said something to the order of "Hannah, I don't like you to sit in there like that." And Hannah's response was, "I make you nervous?" Well, that wouldn't be that big of a deal that she said that, but the fact that she wasn't even 2 yet and saying words like nervous...well, that makes me nervous! Kind of nervous like I get when I'm behind a truck on the freeway that has stuff hanging off the back of it...like a ladder or poles or something. I always feel like the thing is going to fall off the truck and end up in my face!! I wish those people would get a ladder rack. It has always made me nervous that Hannah talks so well. We have to be extremly careful what we say in our family!!! You never know what is going to come back and bite you right in the behind. Lots of times Hannah can be very loud and I always tell her, "Hannah, you're up here," at the same time motioning a level that her volume is at. Then I tell her, "you need to be down here," putting my hand quite a bit lower than before. The other day we were in the car and she was being rather loud again when I turned around to her (Joey was driving) and said, "Hannah you are very loud, you need to talk softer!" That is when she looked at me and said, "I'm way up here!" All the while holding her hand up as high as she could. "Now I'm here," holding her hand about half as high..."now I'm down here!" Each time she told me where she was she held her hand a little lower and in turn lowered her voice as well. Nice. But, it didn't keep!! And all the while I felt like she was taunting me! That makes me nervous!!!


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