Thursday, June 07, 2007
My Computer...

EEaarrrghhh!! I absolutely can not wait until I can get my new computer!! But I absolutely will have to!! As tempting as it is to run to the Apple store and apply for their handy little credit card, I refuse to buy the thing on credit!!! When I get it, I want it to be all mine and paid for with good old cash!! I have saved about a third of the money that I need for it and I'm dyin' here! But...I was reading about consumer debt this morning and I am determined to wait it out!! After reading horror stories about people who get in way too deep, I will perserveer. One article that I read said that lending is down, but that likely means that banks and lenders will be scrambling to meet their profit margins thus increasing the intrest rates. I could very easily be...if I'm not already a shopaholic. I love shopping and buying new things...who doesn't, but buying things like a computer with credit would be insane for me to do as I would just be racking up unsecured debt like some of the women discussed in Unsecured Debt A Problem For Spendaholic Women. I don't want to be the one having to go to a credit counselor, looking for debt advice all because I couldn't wait a month or so to get my new computer. So I am determined to wait and buy my computer with COLD HARD CASH!! I will do it. I will do it. I will do it!!!!

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Anonymous Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats had this to say:

You know, it really is a good idea to buy a computer with cash. New ones come out all the time that are so much better. It would be a shame to still be paying off yours when it's obsolete.


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