Friday, June 15, 2007
Wordless Wordless Just Friday!

O.k. so I've neglected the blog for over a week now! When I was looking through pictures for last weeks Wordless Wednesday, I found this one and decided that I would wait until this week to post this picture and found another for last week. Why? Because I think it's a perfect picture for Father's Day. The picture was taken just a few weeks ago and of all the pictures we took that afternoon, it's my favorite...I don't know why, it just is. So I fully intended to post this picture on Wednesday, but we've been pretty busy this week. On Tuesday, Hannah's mimi had surgery...she's doing well and already home...and then we've just been kind of busy with other things. Plus, Joey's computer locked up on me two days in a row!! I wasn't happy about that! Nothing frustrates me more than a computer that wont do what you want it to! Still not sure why that happened. It locks up for about half the day and then out of nowhere it starts working again. Anyway...things have kind of slowed down today so here is the not so wordless...not so Wednesday...Friday post!!!

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Awww! I love this picture too!


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