Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hannah is actually asleep. She went to sleep at about 10 til 10! This is great because she has had her days and nights sooo mixed up since she was sick. I kind of let her sleep whenever while she was sick because I felt like the rest would do her good, but it really messed up her routine and she has been going to bed between 2 and 4 AM. I am a night owl, but I need Hannah to go to bed earlier than that!! I'm hoping that she gets a little straightened out tonight. I am also hoping that the extra sleep she gets tonight will help her in the area of her independence assertion that she has been going through the last week or so. I think she has just been trying out her 4 year old wings, if I may. But she has been a ring tailed tooter the last few days. Last night we went to dinner with friends and ended up in the restroom before we left. After I took her into the restroom and helped her to understand that she is not as independent as she would like to think she is, she informed me that she was going out of the restroom with her dress pulled up over her head. "No you will go out there like a normal person and you will put your dress down like it is suppossed to go," I told her. She then put her dress down and bent over with her face down to her lap and said, "then I'm going out like this!" "No, you will stand up straight and go out with your dress down, like a normal person would," I said. So she crosses her arms across her chest and sticks her bottom lip out and says, "then I'm going out like this!" So here's hoping that she stays asleep all night and wakes up feeling like the angel that I know she can be!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007
Somewhat better...

Hannah is doing better. Her throat culture came back negative for strep...yay! I hear strep throat is pretty painful and also once you get it, you seem to keep getting it forever! So I'm very glad she doesn't have strep! Her fever broke the night before last, but she is still a little croopy (sp????). So we'll finish out the antibiotics (that I decided to go ahead with because her fever was up for two days...I can't take it) and keep up with the breathing treatments until the crud is gone! Fun fun! Other than that we have done absolutely nothing for the past three days. I think Hannah is about to go stir crazy. Hopefully we'll get out this weekend even though she is still coughing. So that's all for now. Hannah is sleeping right now...probably not a good thing at 7 PM, so I think I'll go encourage her to get up!! I'd like some sleep tonight.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

That was the high for today!! Hannah went to bed last night in the usual manner...jumping on the bed and flopping around to ward off the sleepies. This morning however I woke up to a hot baby. 100.8 under the arm this morning. So I got up gave her tylenol and called the doctor. I made an appointment for 1:15 with the physician's assistant because of course the doctor is out of the office for the next two days! So they said that she probably just has a virus...could be strep, but she doubted it. She gagged Hannah with a q-tip and sent us on our way in less than 15 minutes with a prescription for antibiotics incase the strep test comes back ++ or she doesn't show improvement in the next day or so. Hopefully she'll be better though before we have to go there!

After we were done at the doctor, we stopped at Walgreens for a prize...q-tip down the throat of a 4 year old isn't the most pleasant thing. Hannah informed us that she wanted a popsicle, lollipop, pez dispenser with candy and a sucker to go with all of that! So what was I to do...I'm sure someone will argue that one day I'll regret it, but we got her what she wanted today! She did have a rough day. As we were checking out at the doctor's office, Joey went to put her up on his shoulders and bonked her head on the ceiling! That with the fever and after the q-tip thing made for a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day!

Saturday, July 14, 2007
Yakety Yak

Lately Hannah has taken to talking back to me. Not in the sense that she is being disrespectful so much as that she is really just arguing with me. I say something like, "Hannah, pick up those toys." To which she'll respond, "well...I'm just 4 years old and 4 years old can't do that!" So I tell her, "you are 4 years old and 4 year olds are big girls and they pick up their toys." She responds something along the line of, "well, I'm just tired and I can't pick that up!" Etc. This may go back and forth a time or two. Until I decide...I'm done arguing with her. I'm bigger and she will be picking up her toys if I have to hold her hand and physically make her hands pick them up. Tonight we were in the car and I told Hannah to do something and she began with her usual, "well..." So I told her in my sternest mommy voice, "I'm not arguing with you. Do not say 'well' again. I do not want to hear that word again...ever" So she stops and thinks for a minute and says, "but..."

Ugh, I give up!

The point wasn't that I didn't want her to say "well", I didn't want her to argue with me and give me all the reasons why she couldn't do what I asked her to do. They are so literal!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 09, 2007
Aaarrrggghh! my best pirate voice

Pictured above is my doctor and her husband. Now this is a new doctor and I went in for my first visit today. The doctor is the lady and her husband...also a doctor works in the same practice. We got to my appointment on time (amazing, yes!) and sat down in the waiting room while we waited to be called back. This took no time at all, but they just called me back the first time to take my vitals and collect my co-pay. While standing at the counter to pay my co-pay, Hannah looks into an office where the doctor's husband is sitting at a desk and when she sees him she said (in her very loud 4 year old voice), "haha, that man is a pirate!" "Hannah, shhhhhhh," was my immediate response! Then I leaned over to her and told her not to stare and that we would talk about why he looks like that later. Thankfully about that time my debit card went through and we were ushered back to the waiting room to wait for an empty room. So the empty room opened up, I saw the physician's assistant (new doctor doesn't see new patients on the first visit) and then we were sent to a back room to wait for them to do an ultrasound on my thyroid. When we arrived at the back room that was set up with a table and ultrasound machine we were told to wait there and Dr. PIRATE would be right in to do the ultrasound. Oh great! It would be Dr. Pirate that does the ultrasounds. So I quickly looked at Hannah and began explaining to her that the man that looked like a pirate would be in shortly, but that he wasn't really a pirate. To which she says, "oh, but he looks like a pirate." I told her again, "he looks like a pirate, but he is indeed NOT a pirate." And then she tells me, "well, he looks like a pirate so I call him a pirate!" Lovely! "O.k. fine, you can call him a pirate, but don't say the word pirate while he is in here." So she did as I asked and didn't mention pirates at all while he was in there. She was however giving him the once over the entire time he was in there. While Dr. Pirate was in he kept commenting on how well behaved she was (I didn't have the heart to tell him that she was probably scared to misbehave as she thought he was a pirate and if he didn't like something she did, she'd have to walk the plank). She of course could hear what he was saying about how she was a good girl and when he left she looked me straight in the eye and said, "he's a nice pirate!"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Not So Exciting Fireworks...

Probably a year and a half ago we went and bought fireworks that have sat in a corner in the office ever since. I'm not sure why we never popped them, but a couple of weeks ago I decided that I was tired of seeing them in the corner and moving them over when they blocked my way to something else in the corner. I pulled them out and put them in the living room so that we would be sure and remember to make our way outside on July 4th to pop them. Today Hannah decided to call Mimi and Papa to see if they would come over and do fireworks with for some unknown reason we went to the fireworks stand and got more fireworks! About 5 pops into the show on our street, Hannah decided that this wasn't as fun as she had thought I would be and she was ready to go in! now I have more fireworks than I started with a year and a half ago that will probably sit in the corner of the office once again for another couple of years. I think she was a little disturbed by how loud they were...and I must say that they have gotten considerably louder than I recall them being when I was younger! Prettier, yes...but also louder.

Here are Hannah's thoughts on the subject of fireworks...

She'd rather go inside and have her sno cone!
Happy 4th of July anyway!!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 02, 2007
Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah!!

This is Hannah's very first baby pic. If you click the picture, you will see the two little x's that indicate where her little sac was. At this point we hadn't seen or felt Hannah. We didn't even know if she was a boy or a girl, but we knew that the person pictured between those two little x's was was someone that we now couldn't live without!

This time 4 years ago, I was laying awake in a hospital bed watching whatever was on the hospital t.v. and wishing that 6 AM would hurry up and get here so they could start my drip and we could get the show on the road! 6 o'clock came and went and 3 hours 23 minutes later Hannah was here. Life has not been the same since!!

In one year, Hannah grew from 5 lbs., 2 oz. to 18 lbs., 12 3/4 oz. She went from being 18 3/4 inches long to 29 1/2 inches long. She had her picture taken over 1500 times. She learned to crawl and was sitting up on her own. She'd been sleeping through the night for 10 months now. She had taken water babies and been on an airplane four times.

At two, Hannah had a vocabulary of more words than I could count and the list of words she could say was growing by the day. We learned quickly that we should mind our words when she was around. She was walking and running (though running very much like a girly girl!). She knew that the Bible told her that God loves Hannah and she had finally gotten a few curly blonde locks.

On Hannah's third birthday, she thought the 4th of July celebration held at church was a party in her honor...since it was on her birthday! She now had enough hair to get a clippie bow and dog ears in. She knew were Toy's R Us and Chipotle were...pointed them out as we drove by. She was potty trained. She spoke in full sentences and knew several songs.

Now at 4, she no longer takes a nini. She talks like there is no tomorrow and her favorite place to be is at church. She's had a dance recital, she puts her face in the water in the pool and helps me cook things. She weighs just over 30 lbs and is more than half my height!! I'm sure she'll be taller than me in just a few short years!! She plays on the computer and knows how to get to and the blog online! Not to worry, she only has access to a few websites! She has a sense of humor and thinks knock knock jokes are funny...even if she doesn't completely grasp the joke, she gets the concept of jokes. She wants to be a fire girl (that puts out fire) and a doctor when she grows up. The past four years have gone by way too fast. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's learning and growing like she is...I wouldn't have it any other way, except to slow it down and watch her for a while.

I love you very much, Hannah! You make life fun and I hope you have the best birthday a 4 year old girl could have!

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