Monday, July 09, 2007
Aaarrrggghh! my best pirate voice

Pictured above is my doctor and her husband. Now this is a new doctor and I went in for my first visit today. The doctor is the lady and her husband...also a doctor works in the same practice. We got to my appointment on time (amazing, yes!) and sat down in the waiting room while we waited to be called back. This took no time at all, but they just called me back the first time to take my vitals and collect my co-pay. While standing at the counter to pay my co-pay, Hannah looks into an office where the doctor's husband is sitting at a desk and when she sees him she said (in her very loud 4 year old voice), "haha, that man is a pirate!" "Hannah, shhhhhhh," was my immediate response! Then I leaned over to her and told her not to stare and that we would talk about why he looks like that later. Thankfully about that time my debit card went through and we were ushered back to the waiting room to wait for an empty room. So the empty room opened up, I saw the physician's assistant (new doctor doesn't see new patients on the first visit) and then we were sent to a back room to wait for them to do an ultrasound on my thyroid. When we arrived at the back room that was set up with a table and ultrasound machine we were told to wait there and Dr. PIRATE would be right in to do the ultrasound. Oh great! It would be Dr. Pirate that does the ultrasounds. So I quickly looked at Hannah and began explaining to her that the man that looked like a pirate would be in shortly, but that he wasn't really a pirate. To which she says, "oh, but he looks like a pirate." I told her again, "he looks like a pirate, but he is indeed NOT a pirate." And then she tells me, "well, he looks like a pirate so I call him a pirate!" Lovely! "O.k. fine, you can call him a pirate, but don't say the word pirate while he is in here." So she did as I asked and didn't mention pirates at all while he was in there. She was however giving him the once over the entire time he was in there. While Dr. Pirate was in he kept commenting on how well behaved she was (I didn't have the heart to tell him that she was probably scared to misbehave as she thought he was a pirate and if he didn't like something she did, she'd have to walk the plank). She of course could hear what he was saying about how she was a good girl and when he left she looked me straight in the eye and said, "he's a nice pirate!"

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

What a good little girl! It was so nice seeing you last week. I miss you already!


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