Monday, July 02, 2007
Happy 4th Birthday, Hannah!!

This is Hannah's very first baby pic. If you click the picture, you will see the two little x's that indicate where her little sac was. At this point we hadn't seen or felt Hannah. We didn't even know if she was a boy or a girl, but we knew that the person pictured between those two little x's was was someone that we now couldn't live without!

This time 4 years ago, I was laying awake in a hospital bed watching whatever was on the hospital t.v. and wishing that 6 AM would hurry up and get here so they could start my drip and we could get the show on the road! 6 o'clock came and went and 3 hours 23 minutes later Hannah was here. Life has not been the same since!!

In one year, Hannah grew from 5 lbs., 2 oz. to 18 lbs., 12 3/4 oz. She went from being 18 3/4 inches long to 29 1/2 inches long. She had her picture taken over 1500 times. She learned to crawl and was sitting up on her own. She'd been sleeping through the night for 10 months now. She had taken water babies and been on an airplane four times.

At two, Hannah had a vocabulary of more words than I could count and the list of words she could say was growing by the day. We learned quickly that we should mind our words when she was around. She was walking and running (though running very much like a girly girl!). She knew that the Bible told her that God loves Hannah and she had finally gotten a few curly blonde locks.

On Hannah's third birthday, she thought the 4th of July celebration held at church was a party in her honor...since it was on her birthday! She now had enough hair to get a clippie bow and dog ears in. She knew were Toy's R Us and Chipotle were...pointed them out as we drove by. She was potty trained. She spoke in full sentences and knew several songs.

Now at 4, she no longer takes a nini. She talks like there is no tomorrow and her favorite place to be is at church. She's had a dance recital, she puts her face in the water in the pool and helps me cook things. She weighs just over 30 lbs and is more than half my height!! I'm sure she'll be taller than me in just a few short years!! She plays on the computer and knows how to get to and the blog online! Not to worry, she only has access to a few websites! She has a sense of humor and thinks knock knock jokes are funny...even if she doesn't completely grasp the joke, she gets the concept of jokes. She wants to be a fire girl (that puts out fire) and a doctor when she grows up. The past four years have gone by way too fast. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's learning and growing like she is...I wouldn't have it any other way, except to slow it down and watch her for a while.

I love you very much, Hannah! You make life fun and I hope you have the best birthday a 4 year old girl could have!

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Awww! I thought of Hannah on her birthday but didn't make it by your blog to read this. I had tears in my eyes by the end. I hope Hannah had a wonderful 4th birthday!!


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