Monday, July 23, 2007

Hannah is actually asleep. She went to sleep at about 10 til 10! This is great because she has had her days and nights sooo mixed up since she was sick. I kind of let her sleep whenever while she was sick because I felt like the rest would do her good, but it really messed up her routine and she has been going to bed between 2 and 4 AM. I am a night owl, but I need Hannah to go to bed earlier than that!! I'm hoping that she gets a little straightened out tonight. I am also hoping that the extra sleep she gets tonight will help her in the area of her independence assertion that she has been going through the last week or so. I think she has just been trying out her 4 year old wings, if I may. But she has been a ring tailed tooter the last few days. Last night we went to dinner with friends and ended up in the restroom before we left. After I took her into the restroom and helped her to understand that she is not as independent as she would like to think she is, she informed me that she was going out of the restroom with her dress pulled up over her head. "No you will go out there like a normal person and you will put your dress down like it is suppossed to go," I told her. She then put her dress down and bent over with her face down to her lap and said, "then I'm going out like this!" "No, you will stand up straight and go out with your dress down, like a normal person would," I said. So she crosses her arms across her chest and sticks her bottom lip out and says, "then I'm going out like this!" So here's hoping that she stays asleep all night and wakes up feeling like the angel that I know she can be!!!

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