Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Oh The Boring Lives We Lead...

Well, it is quite apparent by my lack of blogging that we lead very boring lives. We really haven't been up to much the last few weeks. The rain here has all but stopped and it is very hot so we don't get out much.

Hannah said something that we thought was funny the other day. She told our cousin, Amber that she needed to make a diarama. A diarama? Where on earth did she get that idea? That was when we remembered that she had recently watched an episode of Clifford The Big Red Dog where they made diaramas for school. Now she has had this idea of making a diarama in her head ever since. So the day before yesterday I sat down with a shoe box, glue and other assorted craft supplies and we made a diarama. I don't know many 4 year olds that know what a diarama fact I probably would have wondered what she was talking about had I not seen the Clifford show that that was on. I remember making them in elementary school, but don't know that I would have remembered what they were called.

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Duh.. we make dioramas every day.. seriously. Get with it. Honestly, that is funny! hee hee.. At least she's not saying diarrhea.. and running around spelling it like my kids do..just to show that they can. @@


Anonymous Peant Butter and Jelly Boats had this to say:

It's so funny what they pick up on! Our 4 yr. old told us we needed to get a home loan from Country Wide because "no one can do what Country Wide can."


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