Friday, August 31, 2007
Put On A Smile

Conversation that took place between Hannah and me while she got dressed this morning.

Hannah: I want to wear my shorts.
Me: O.k., how about this shirt to go with them?
Hannah: Oh! O.k., and I have other pants that go with that shirt!
Me: O.k. Do you want to wear them?
Hannah: Yes.

So I pull the pants that go with the shirt out and she begins to put them on.

Hannah: These pants are so tute! When everyone sees me, they're going to put on a smile at me 'tause I'm so tute!

And I think she's probably right!!

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Of course she is right. She is always sooo cute!



Anonymous casual friday everyday had this to say:

awwww, what a cute conversation. Would make me smile, too.



Blogger Laurel Wreath had this to say:

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