Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Wordless Wednesday -Check out the freakin' BUGS in this town!! That's Joey's hand next to it!!

Our remedy to the problem:

In my head I hear a voice saying, "if you hang a bug light above your kitchen might be a redneck!!"

Not so wordless!! Sorry! That's the way I roll!!

Blogger Bernie had this to say:

BUGS... I hate bugs!!

Ours is up as well at burntofferings and more at bernies fotoblog. Happy WW!!


Anonymous Jhoaniquing had this to say:

i hate bugs too and even the smell of it....
Happy WW!

mine is up too.


Blogger Nancy Brown had this to say:

I don't think I like that. I hate moths.. but ones that big make me sick


Blogger tegdirb92 had this to say:

that is just too funny!!


Blogger Jenny in Ca had this to say:

that's a crackup! I have a hard time being wordless too..I usually sneak the explanation in my comments section...

happy WW! and my, that moth was pretty..and big!


Anonymous kailani had this to say:

I'm surprised someone was able to get so close to that moth! It's huge!


Blogger The Rock Chick had this to say:

WOW! Those are huge! They are almost like birds or something. That would totally freak me out inside the house--I would definitely have a bug zapper, too!!!

Happy WW
Jessica The Rock Chick


Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Shawn! That is a moth! And a pretty moth too! Get that bug light out of your house! LOL You're going to get electrocuted! Jeepers! Hannah will probably take care of it for you.. just tell her to take the pretty "butterfly" outside. hee


Blogger Tiff had this to say:

WOW! My daughter would be freaking out if she saw that!


Blogger Lynne had this to say:

Too funny. A bug zapper in the kitchen.


Blogger Christina had this to say:

Nooooo, don't kill the poor moth!!!


Anonymous Cindy had this to say:

When the bug light is INSIDE your house, there's no "might" about the redneck thing. Trust me. I should know.


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