Thursday, October 04, 2007
More Bugs & Hannah's New Friend

I think one of the hardest things to deal with moving to this town has been the alarming amount of bugs that they have here. And I'm not just talking about the number of bugs, but the bugs here are HUGE!! I can't stand it. We finally moved the bug light out of our kitchen window because while it helped with the number of bugs that flew around in our house, they all seemed to migrate in that direction. This would be fine, but even the ones that can't fly are attracted to the light, but they don't fly up there. They just crawl around below the light and thus made a mess on the counter and in my sink. Here is a picture of a spider that Joey saw the other night. To give you an idea of how big the thing was, that is the toe of his shoe there...size 12's!! Now mind you, this is by far not the biggest or the ugliest spider we've seen here. Just the one we happened to get a picture of.

Here is a picture of Hannah with her new friend Figaro. She named him after the cat on Pinnochio. I'm not especially fond of the idea of her having a cat, but this one happened on our doorstep and Hannah claimed it. We managed to take HIM to the vet today. They said they thought he was about 6-8 weeks old and that he is a TOM! Thank goodness, now we don't have to change his name to Figarette. That would be strange!

In other news, since I posted last I ate dove for the very first time in my life the other night. And I should add that I ate dove for the very last time in my life as well. Whether or not it was the dove that made me sick, I don't know. But that food aversion really works.

Not much else happening here. We live for mailbox checks and Walmart runs. They are exciting!!


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