Sunday, November 25, 2007
"What's a trula?"

A few weeks ago I bought Hannah a new video about a green bear named Boz. And if you have preschoolers, I highly recommend these videos. They are great. Hannah loves them. The first one that I got her is the Christmas one and I actually happened on them really by accident. We were in Family Christian Stores and they had the Christmas one playing on a t.v. in the children's section. Hannah was enthralled with it while we were in the store. This was fine while I was looking around in the children's department, but created a bit of a problem when I was ready to leave the children's department before the movie was over. And I know I'm a terrible parent for this, but I told her that I would buy it for her if she would come right then. So she agreed and I'm glad we got the video. We have since gone back and bought more...actually the rest...some of which I've put up for Christmas presents for her. So what does this have to do with a "trula"? On the Christmas video Boz sings the song The 12 Days of Christmas. As I'm sure you recall the song says, "my true love gave to me..." So Hannah was singing last night and this is how the song and the conversation that followed went:

Hannah: On the 1st day of Christmas my trula gave to me, 69 gooooolllllddddeeeeeeennnn rrrrriiiiinnnngggsss. On the 3rd day of Chirstmas my trula gave to me...mommy, what is a trula?
Me: It's true love not trula.
Hannah: Oh, where is your true love?
Me: He's across the street at the church getting ready for tomorrow mornings church service.
Hannah: Oh, where is daddy's trula? (reverting back to what she was familiar with I guess)
Me: She's right here, I'm daddy's TRUE LOVE.
Hannah: Oh, I don't know where my trula is, he's somewhere out there and I'm just waiting for him to grow up.

I couldn't help but laugh as I told her that it might take a while...a long long while!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not much happening around here. Here are some pictures that were taken last weekend at a carnival that we went to. Everytime we pass by a carnival Hannah says, "we need to go to that circus town!" So we finally just took her. We had headed out for the evening not really knowing where we would end up and saw the "circus town" on the way so we just decided to stop. She had a blast of course and didn't want to leave when it was time, but those things are expensive and we were fresh out of money within about 20 minutes. Of course we stayed longer than that because we had bought wrist bands to ride as much as we wanted, but that blew all but a couple of dollars of the cash we had. Nice huh? Oh well, she had fun and we managed to get out of there about the time the drunk creepies started showing up! As we were walking to the parking lot we saw two pretty good sized groups of creepy people walking up to the carnival.

This picture was taken in the petting zoo. The quality of the picture isn't that great...don't know what happened with the flash. I love this picture though. She was laughing hysterically because she had just gotten brave enough to let the goat eat out of her hand. I liked this petting zoo because they had all of the rough animals tied up so they couldn't jump all over you which is what usually happens when she goes in there. She wont even let Joey put her down while they are in most of them because all the animals do is jump up on her and it freaks her out! It also gave her a chance to look at the smaller animals without the bigger ones getting in the way.

I actually rode the merry go round with her and it didn't make me sick. They had a crazy house slide at this carnival too and that is what Hannah was eyeballing here. She had gone on the slide once and wanted to go again...and again and again! Joey and Hannah went on the slide about 4 times. I went once, but all that climbing stairs had me winded so I sat out the second, third and fourth time they went!! Riding the merry go round though, I could handle! And I did manage to walk up the stairs to the other slide thing they had. You know the one you ride down on a burlap bag and it has all these bumps that you slide over. Also the one that you see on funniest home videos where the ladies attempt it wearing a skirt and end up at the bottom with headed down the wrong way with their dress up over their heads!! I was wearing jeans so I figured even if I did end up at the bottom backwards, I would be covered!! That's always an important thing to consider when you decide whether or not to slide down a slide!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007
No Christmas Presents For Hannah!

During the first part of this week, Hannah and I went to Maw Maw's house because Joey had gone to a conference in another city and we didn't want to go with him or stay here by ourselves. So it was a good excuse to go home for a few days. I guess I was a little over zealous to get out of the car on the way home because I got a ticket!!! Nice, huh? 80 in a 70. I was trying to pass some trucks because I don't really like riding behind them or beside them and there were about 4 staggered on the road ahead of me. Wouldn't you know it just as I pulled out ahead of them I saw the state trooper coming from the other direction. I knew I was getting a ticket because as he passed he looked straight at me then he turned around in the median (is that legal, by the way??). He came up behind me and turned on his lights. When he pulled in the lane behind me I asked Hannah, "do you have your seat belt on because mommy's going to get a ticket." I knew she had her seatbelt on, but I didn't want the trooper to startle her when he came up to the car. Remember what happened the last time she encountered a police man at the driver's side window. So it takes him a minute to get out of the car and all the while I was telling Hannah that I was going to get a ticket. She kept asking why and was I going to have to give them a lot of money. As the trooper walked up to my window Hannah asks, "am I gonna get any Christmas presents?" Now I guess we'll have to tell her something else when she says that she doesn't want to wear her seat belt. We always tell her that if she doesn't wear it then we will get a ticket and have to spend all of our money on the ticket so she wont get any more toys! If I had been thinking, I would have rolled her window down and had her say that within earshot of the officer...maybe he would have had some sympathy for her and would have just given me a warning. Maybe I'll start working with her on that!!

Friday, November 09, 2007
One Week Down...

...too many to count to go! But...we have successfully completed Hannah's first week of school. I must say that I'm glad it's Friday! I think Hannah is too. She did really well during her first week, but I could tell that she was ready for a break today. We did have fun this week though and I think she might have actally learned something. This week she learned the letter "I" and next week she will begin working on the letter "U". Don't ask me why they don't go in order of the alphabet. In working with the letter I, Hannah learned a little bit about the indians as well. So here is a video of her saying the poem with me that we learned this week.

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Monday, November 05, 2007
The Beach

Well as I said in my previous post we were headed to the beach this afternoon. We had a blast. I'm thinking Hannah will sleep well tonight as she played for about 3 1/2 hours. Running, jumping, playing in the water and playing in the sand. She and her daddy also found a sand hill to slide down! Not a very big hill just the one that is up close to the road. At one time I looked up and Hannah was wiggling down the hill on her tummy! Needless to say she was covered in sand!!! She also buried herself in the sand today. This was a new experience for her which she thoroughly enjoyed!! I think it should be daddy's turn to be buried in the sand next time.

We also fed the birds. They even love fire cheetos! Hannah might have enjoyed this the most. When I get a chance I'll upload some video of her feeding the birds. If a chip fell to the ground the birds would swoop down real fast to pick it up and usually this meant they were diving straight at Hannah's feet because she throws like her mother and the chips were basically on the ground in front of her. You should also know that she can scream with the best of them! She could probably be hired on for a horror show as one of the sound effects!! She may get her throwing abilities (or lack there of) from me, but she definitely picked up her daddy's screaming abilities!! Haha!! Don't tell him I said that! Every time the birds dove at her feet, she screamed bIoody murd3r!!

Today we took burgers and a little grill and had a picnic dinner out there. This was fun, but would have been more fun had the wind not been blowing soooooo much!!! The grill worked, but we had to work to make a place for the grill to shelter it from the wind. We started to put up a tent, but that was pretty much impossible. We finally gave up. So we are pretty tired tonight, but we've all showered and are about to head to bed.

More school tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Class Is In Session

We started Hannah's home school this morning! When I told Hannah yesterday that we would be starting school in the morning she informed me that she just couldn't get up early to do school that she needed to sleep late in the morning! What can I say...she's a child after my own heart! But we did manage to get up and start school by 10:30! I'm talking both of us dressed and ready as if we were leaving the house. So I think we did pretty well. And seeing that her school only takes an hour each day to do, starting at 10:30 isn't such a bad thing and I figure there is no sense in dragging her out of bed at 7:30 so she can be crying and grumpy during school and for the rest of the day...what would that accomplish? This picture is of Hannah all dressed for school before we started.

When we first started Hannah was a little fussy and upset. She had wanted to wear her Mickey Mouse clubhouse ears at school and I wouldn't let her. Not that her wearing the Mickey Mouse ears was that big of deal, but I want her home school experience to be relatively structured and she wouldn't be allowed to wear Mickey ears at a regular school so she wont be wearing them at her school either!! Go me a mean teacher.

Today we learned about the letter I and we'll be working on that all week. As the morning went along Hannah's mood improved and she actually seemed to be enjoying school. We talked about the calendar as well and what day today is. Also about the weather and what the weather is like today. When I told Hannah that school was over and she was done for the day, she was upset again. This time because she wanted to keep doing school. I think she's convinced that school is suppossed to be about learning how to paint as that is what she keeps telling me that I have to teach her.

So tomorrow we'll be learning more about the letter I and next week she will actually start writing in her writing book. Also next week we will begin working on numbers. As for this afternoon, we are headed to the beach as Hannah's reward for doing so well in school today! Hopefully she wont come to expect going somewhere really fun after every successful school day!!

Friday, November 02, 2007
Trunk or Treat

Here are some pictures from the trunk or treat that we had at church Wednesday night. That is what we did for Halloween. We did our car in a disco theme and played disco music all evening from the car radio.

I had a terrible time getting Hannah to eat all day and finally made her eat a hot dog before we left to go to the trunk or treat. Then at the trunk or treat she ate a ton of candy. I finally had to tell her, "NO MORE CANDY!!" Reluctantly she stopped eating candy long enough for me to get her to eat some real food. She had three pieces of chicken and green beans from Popeye's. I guess she finally decided that she was actually hungry for food.

This is Hannah with one of her friends. They ran and played together the whole time we were there.

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