Monday, November 05, 2007
The Beach

Well as I said in my previous post we were headed to the beach this afternoon. We had a blast. I'm thinking Hannah will sleep well tonight as she played for about 3 1/2 hours. Running, jumping, playing in the water and playing in the sand. She and her daddy also found a sand hill to slide down! Not a very big hill just the one that is up close to the road. At one time I looked up and Hannah was wiggling down the hill on her tummy! Needless to say she was covered in sand!!! She also buried herself in the sand today. This was a new experience for her which she thoroughly enjoyed!! I think it should be daddy's turn to be buried in the sand next time.

We also fed the birds. They even love fire cheetos! Hannah might have enjoyed this the most. When I get a chance I'll upload some video of her feeding the birds. If a chip fell to the ground the birds would swoop down real fast to pick it up and usually this meant they were diving straight at Hannah's feet because she throws like her mother and the chips were basically on the ground in front of her. You should also know that she can scream with the best of them! She could probably be hired on for a horror show as one of the sound effects!! She may get her throwing abilities (or lack there of) from me, but she definitely picked up her daddy's screaming abilities!! Haha!! Don't tell him I said that! Every time the birds dove at her feet, she screamed bIoody murd3r!!

Today we took burgers and a little grill and had a picnic dinner out there. This was fun, but would have been more fun had the wind not been blowing soooooo much!!! The grill worked, but we had to work to make a place for the grill to shelter it from the wind. We started to put up a tent, but that was pretty much impossible. We finally gave up. So we are pretty tired tonight, but we've all showered and are about to head to bed.

More school tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

How fun! Looks like a blast for sure. I want to be buried in the sand.


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