Monday, November 05, 2007
Class Is In Session

We started Hannah's home school this morning! When I told Hannah yesterday that we would be starting school in the morning she informed me that she just couldn't get up early to do school that she needed to sleep late in the morning! What can I say...she's a child after my own heart! But we did manage to get up and start school by 10:30! I'm talking both of us dressed and ready as if we were leaving the house. So I think we did pretty well. And seeing that her school only takes an hour each day to do, starting at 10:30 isn't such a bad thing and I figure there is no sense in dragging her out of bed at 7:30 so she can be crying and grumpy during school and for the rest of the day...what would that accomplish? This picture is of Hannah all dressed for school before we started.

When we first started Hannah was a little fussy and upset. She had wanted to wear her Mickey Mouse clubhouse ears at school and I wouldn't let her. Not that her wearing the Mickey Mouse ears was that big of deal, but I want her home school experience to be relatively structured and she wouldn't be allowed to wear Mickey ears at a regular school so she wont be wearing them at her school either!! Go me a mean teacher.

Today we learned about the letter I and we'll be working on that all week. As the morning went along Hannah's mood improved and she actually seemed to be enjoying school. We talked about the calendar as well and what day today is. Also about the weather and what the weather is like today. When I told Hannah that school was over and she was done for the day, she was upset again. This time because she wanted to keep doing school. I think she's convinced that school is suppossed to be about learning how to paint as that is what she keeps telling me that I have to teach her.

So tomorrow we'll be learning more about the letter I and next week she will actually start writing in her writing book. Also next week we will begin working on numbers. As for this afternoon, we are headed to the beach as Hannah's reward for doing so well in school today! Hopefully she wont come to expect going somewhere really fun after every successful school day!!

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

Hey now! The bestest thing ever about homeschool is that it doesn't have to be structured! She's learning.. the bestest, bestest things are the field trips!! Always a learning experience.. and, of course, my personal favorite, the LIBRARY!!!! Heee!!! I'm a nerd huh. Have fun with school!!!! Both of you!


Anonymous Amber had this to say:

She shouldn't be old enough for school yet :( but I am excited for her!! I think its awesome that you are homeschooling her Shawn. I think she'll learn alot more that way. Good Luck!! Im sure yall will have lots of fun! Love ya!


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