Thursday, November 15, 2007
No Christmas Presents For Hannah!

During the first part of this week, Hannah and I went to Maw Maw's house because Joey had gone to a conference in another city and we didn't want to go with him or stay here by ourselves. So it was a good excuse to go home for a few days. I guess I was a little over zealous to get out of the car on the way home because I got a ticket!!! Nice, huh? 80 in a 70. I was trying to pass some trucks because I don't really like riding behind them or beside them and there were about 4 staggered on the road ahead of me. Wouldn't you know it just as I pulled out ahead of them I saw the state trooper coming from the other direction. I knew I was getting a ticket because as he passed he looked straight at me then he turned around in the median (is that legal, by the way??). He came up behind me and turned on his lights. When he pulled in the lane behind me I asked Hannah, "do you have your seat belt on because mommy's going to get a ticket." I knew she had her seatbelt on, but I didn't want the trooper to startle her when he came up to the car. Remember what happened the last time she encountered a police man at the driver's side window. So it takes him a minute to get out of the car and all the while I was telling Hannah that I was going to get a ticket. She kept asking why and was I going to have to give them a lot of money. As the trooper walked up to my window Hannah asks, "am I gonna get any Christmas presents?" Now I guess we'll have to tell her something else when she says that she doesn't want to wear her seat belt. We always tell her that if she doesn't wear it then we will get a ticket and have to spend all of our money on the ticket so she wont get any more toys! If I had been thinking, I would have rolled her window down and had her say that within earshot of the officer...maybe he would have had some sympathy for her and would have just given me a warning. Maybe I'll start working with her on that!!

Blogger Minute by Minute had this to say:

poor Hannah. Maybe a field trip to a police station or a non-working visit with one and his car so she could see in it. Are there any police in your church?


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