Monday, November 19, 2007

Not much happening around here. Here are some pictures that were taken last weekend at a carnival that we went to. Everytime we pass by a carnival Hannah says, "we need to go to that circus town!" So we finally just took her. We had headed out for the evening not really knowing where we would end up and saw the "circus town" on the way so we just decided to stop. She had a blast of course and didn't want to leave when it was time, but those things are expensive and we were fresh out of money within about 20 minutes. Of course we stayed longer than that because we had bought wrist bands to ride as much as we wanted, but that blew all but a couple of dollars of the cash we had. Nice huh? Oh well, she had fun and we managed to get out of there about the time the drunk creepies started showing up! As we were walking to the parking lot we saw two pretty good sized groups of creepy people walking up to the carnival.

This picture was taken in the petting zoo. The quality of the picture isn't that great...don't know what happened with the flash. I love this picture though. She was laughing hysterically because she had just gotten brave enough to let the goat eat out of her hand. I liked this petting zoo because they had all of the rough animals tied up so they couldn't jump all over you which is what usually happens when she goes in there. She wont even let Joey put her down while they are in most of them because all the animals do is jump up on her and it freaks her out! It also gave her a chance to look at the smaller animals without the bigger ones getting in the way.

I actually rode the merry go round with her and it didn't make me sick. They had a crazy house slide at this carnival too and that is what Hannah was eyeballing here. She had gone on the slide once and wanted to go again...and again and again! Joey and Hannah went on the slide about 4 times. I went once, but all that climbing stairs had me winded so I sat out the second, third and fourth time they went!! Riding the merry go round though, I could handle! And I did manage to walk up the stairs to the other slide thing they had. You know the one you ride down on a burlap bag and it has all these bumps that you slide over. Also the one that you see on funniest home videos where the ladies attempt it wearing a skirt and end up at the bottom with headed down the wrong way with their dress up over their heads!! I was wearing jeans so I figured even if I did end up at the bottom backwards, I would be covered!! That's always an important thing to consider when you decide whether or not to slide down a slide!!

Blogger Carol Anne had this to say:

Are those pink boots I see? Bro. Mark would be so proud!!! Love yall! Shawn - I wish you were here - I went to LaMadeline's last night and thought....'I could really use a good cry with Shawn'. Goodness, hate the distance!


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