Tuesday, December 18, 2007
T'was The Week Before Christmas...

...and all through our town, I've been shopping like crazy and few things I've found!! We have been super busy the last few weeks as I am sure you can tell by the lack of blogging on my part! I've been back home to see doctors twice in as many weeks, then busy with things at church here and now this week trying to finish up Christmas shopping. Good news from the doctors. My ejection fraction is up from between 20 & 24% to between 25 & 30%. This is a good thing, if you don't know much about ejection fractions! The higher, the better and I'm shooting for 60 to 65% eventually.

Yesterday Hannah and I went shopping all day long and I don't guess I really care for shopping alone with a 4 year old. All she wanted to do was go see Santa. Well that would have been fine, but when we got to the place, Santa was on a break. He was due back in 30 minutes plus then we would have had to wait for the 12 or so kids that were in front of us. So I (not Hannah) decided that we would shop some and come back later. Turns out I should have just waited because when we finally got back, we had to wait for about 60 kids to go first. I had a million things I needed to be doing and standing in line was not really on my agenda! Well we waited anyway and we did get a really cute picture of Hannah with Santa. Before we left the house Hannah decided that she wanted to take Santa a gift so she gathered up some sea shells that she had and put them in a ziplock, asked me to write "To: Santa Claus, From: Hannah," on it and zip it up. I have to give Santa credit as this Santa was much nicer than other Santa's we've encountered. I think he really loved getting the sea shells from Hannah and it was cute to watch her present her gift to him...she was proud of those shells.

When we went shopping I decided that since I was alone with Hannah I would take the stroller. Figuring that she wouldn't want to ride in it, but I knew that if she walked she would be tired before I was done. Plus a stroller is great for carrying bags at the mall. Anyway she did ride in the stroller for the most part. She actually rode in the stroller, on top of the stroller and if she'd thought of it she would have tried riding in the basket I'm sure. At one point she had her head in the seat part, her bottom on the tray and her legs stretched out in front of her...part of the time spread eagle! As if it isn't hard enough to maneuver the stroller through the masses of clothes racks.

Did I mention that I don't care for shopping alone with a 4 year old?

Monday, December 10, 2007
Important Things To Consider...

...when buying shoes. One...can you jump in them? Two...can you skip in them? And three...are they so shiny that you can see your face in them? Atleast those are the things Hannah thinks are important. I've been looking for new dress shoes for Hannah for a while now and hadn't found any that I like and that fit her right. We went to Stride Rite and tried a pair on and Hannah loved them. Not because they were exactly what we were looking for, but because she could see her face in them. She had already tried jumping and skipping in them, but she was sold when she saw her reflection in the black patent leather. And she was disappointed when I decided I didn't care for them, but I promised that we would find some shoes that she could see her face in the next day.

...when Hannah takes a show3r. One...is the water temp. right? Two...does she have a towel? And three...when you go to get her out, is she about to throw water on the show3r door? This morning I got one and two right, but when I went to open the door to tell her to hurry and get out she had a cup of water and she threw it right out onto my pants, feet and the floor!!! Nice! She didn't realize that I was opening the door and I didn't realize that she had a cup in there!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Mean Momma

That would be me. At least that is how I felt the other night when I actually put some of Hannah's toys in the trash can. All day on Saturday I kept telling her that I needed to vacuum in her room so she needed to put her toys away. And all day long she found other things to do besides put her toys away. So Saturday night while she was playing in our room with Joey, I got her bucket and put some of the toys in it and set it on the top of the trash in the can. Knowing full well that she would get them out when she saw them there. The rest I actually put away for her, but she got my point when I told her later that it sure was sad that I had to throw her toys away so that I could vacuum. "Well, where are they," she asked. "They're in the trash can," I told her. So she runs over to the trash can and when she saw them, you would have thought that I had ripped each of her limbs off one at a time. As she sobs she pulls the toys out and puts them away where they belong. Later that night she said, "I'm never going to have to pick up my toys again!" "Oh really," I ask, "and why is that?" She answers, "because when I get something out, I'm gonna put it up when I'm done!"

Yeah, she got my point!

Last night Hannah had a blast with a piece of styrofoam. I don't know what it is about the stuff, but she loves it. Any time she finds a piece, it looks like it has snowed on the floor. She'll tear it up into a million pieces and dance around on it. Then she leaves it for me to clean up. Well, no more!! When she did that last night I told her that if she didn't have it all up by the time I counted to ten, she was getting a spanking. So I counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Just that fast and believe it or not she was done picking it up by the time I got to 10. Today she did the same thing with a piece of toilet paper. So what did I do? I counted to 10 and it worked again!!

When is the next bunco night???

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not much happening around here other than being busy getting ready for Christmas. Just wanted to share some of the pictures that we took at the church the other day. These are just a couple of the cutest ones. I should probably save them for Wordless Wednesday, but I didn't feel like waiting...maybe you'll see them again!!!

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