Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Mean Momma

That would be me. At least that is how I felt the other night when I actually put some of Hannah's toys in the trash can. All day on Saturday I kept telling her that I needed to vacuum in her room so she needed to put her toys away. And all day long she found other things to do besides put her toys away. So Saturday night while she was playing in our room with Joey, I got her bucket and put some of the toys in it and set it on the top of the trash in the can. Knowing full well that she would get them out when she saw them there. The rest I actually put away for her, but she got my point when I told her later that it sure was sad that I had to throw her toys away so that I could vacuum. "Well, where are they," she asked. "They're in the trash can," I told her. So she runs over to the trash can and when she saw them, you would have thought that I had ripped each of her limbs off one at a time. As she sobs she pulls the toys out and puts them away where they belong. Later that night she said, "I'm never going to have to pick up my toys again!" "Oh really," I ask, "and why is that?" She answers, "because when I get something out, I'm gonna put it up when I'm done!"

Yeah, she got my point!

Last night Hannah had a blast with a piece of styrofoam. I don't know what it is about the stuff, but she loves it. Any time she finds a piece, it looks like it has snowed on the floor. She'll tear it up into a million pieces and dance around on it. Then she leaves it for me to clean up. Well, no more!! When she did that last night I told her that if she didn't have it all up by the time I counted to ten, she was getting a spanking. So I counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Just that fast and believe it or not she was done picking it up by the time I got to 10. Today she did the same thing with a piece of toilet paper. So what did I do? I counted to 10 and it worked again!!

When is the next bunco night???

Anonymous Cindy had this to say:

Tell Hannah that you aren't the meanest.... I have actually thrown some of Speedy's toys away. For good. Even had him wave goodbye to them.

Of course, I'm certain that both Speedy and Hannah have so few toys that they'd have nothing at all to play with once a few were gone. ha.


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