Wednesday, February 27, 2008
We're Still Here

We haven't been up to much lately. Life in a small town is definitely different from the city life that we were used to. I was sick for a few weeks, but am doing much better now. Turned out that my kidneys didn't appreciate a new medicine they put me on back in December. But now that I've been off of it for a few weeks, I'm feeling great. I was actually feeling much better within days of stopping the drug. Other than that, trips to Walmart are about as exciting as it gets around here.

That's why we love it so much when company comes in. A lot of our friends from home have come to see us. And we love every second of it. We just need to hang a calendar up in the foyer of our church at home and let people sign up for a weekend or week at our house and have someone different in each week. Hannah's best little friend, Billy came to see us last weekend with his mom and dad. That was fun. We took the kids out to some people's house that have goats.

All of their female goats were "with kid"! And most of them had had their babies last weekend. But we got a surprise while we were there and actually saw one that was just born while we were there and then the mother had another while we were standing there watching!! It was really pretty neat to watch, but at the same time very gross! Hannah didn't have much to say about the birth, but she did want to watch. In the pictures the baby goats almost look like large lop eared rabbits. When we left we added up all of their goats and they had 37. They've since had one more and have another that should deliver anytime. That is a lot of goats!! After the goat adventure we took Hannah and Billy to the beach and while it was really too cold to get into the water, they had fun playing in the sand. They also both managed to get pretty wet...and of course very sandy! I think they had a lot of fun though...and it was Saturday so they were both getting a bath anyway!! Haha.

Blogger C. R. Morris had this to say:

I was wondering where you were! We're in a small town too the country. My neighbors across the street are trees. My next door neighbors are ..trees.. behind the house, yep.. more trees! I want to see the baby goat pics. Please and Thank you.


Anonymous WyldJoker had this to say:

It's great to see yall again and glad you're feeling better! I definatly missed reading about the wonderous adventures yall had!


Blogger ashleykimble had this to say:

It's nice to meet you! I found your blog on 5 minutes for mom. You have a great blog! I enjoyed reading some of your stuff. I have a little boy who is 3 and my husband is a youth pastor/worship leader. Hope you will stop by my blog sometime.


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