Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Easter Eggs!!

Well, you are in luck. Three posts in two days!! Do you feel special?? Tonight we dyed Easter eggs with Hannah. I asked her this morning if she wanted to do Easter eggs and of course her response was yes. I should have waited until I was ready to actually put them in the dye. She didn't want to wait for them to boil...or cool...or 'til after church because we didn't have time to finish them before church and she didn't want to wait until we went to Walmart to get vinegar (because I had none)!!

She bugged me all day to do them. And when all of the eggs were colored, she wasn't ready to stop. She wanted me to boil more! We did 24 eggs. Normally I wouldn't have done but 18 at the most...more likely 12, but I had old (not rotten old, just older) eggs that I was ready to get rid of anyway and so I started to do just 18. Then I got to thinking that some of them always crack so I put 6 more in the pot.

Would you believe that not one of them cracked while I boiled them?...that never happens. So I thought...oh good, now if Hannah drops some (likely to happen) I'll have extra. Would you believe that she only dropped one?? Now we have 23 colored eggs. I think we may have deviled eggs on Sunday. Well, it's off to bed for me! I'm pooped. Maybe my posting trend will continue...I'm kind of proud of myself!!


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