Tuesday, April 08, 2008
This Is Bad!

I was watching American Idol tonight when Hannah came into my room with a nini in her mouth. She had climbed up into the pantry and found it. I had just thrown it up there one day when I was unpacking boxes and came across it. I hid it up there because she was in the room with me and I didn't want her to see me with it. The quickest way to get rid of it was to chunk it up into the pantry. Don't ask me why I didn't just throw it away. It had been long since forgotten...until tonight when Hannah climbed up there. I asked her what she was doing up in the top of the pantry and she said, "I was looking for candy, but I found this instead!" So I asked her which she would rather have, candy or a nini and her answer...a nini! Then she said that she was going to look again to see if she could find a green one. The kind that she LOVED! I didn't see any point in making the rest of the evening miserable for us so I'm figuring that I'll take it and get rid of it when she goes to sleep. Although tomorrow when she thinks of it I may have a problem because she also told me that when I hid it again, tomorrow she was going to go look for it. Great! Now she's in there on the phone with Maw Maw asking her if she has any green ninis and telling her that she'll have to give them to her when she gets to her house.

I'm going to hold out for her forgetting about them while she sleeps...maybe I can convince her that she must have been dreaming!!


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