Saturday, September 06, 2008
Blog Slacker

That's what I am. I haven't blogged in over three weeks! We haven't been up to much. Traveled back home a few times, but other than that we have lead pretty boring lives during this last part of summer. Hannah has been begging me to go to the beach before the summer is over. Even though I keep explaining to her that we will probably be able to go to the beach through mid October here. Perhaps even longer. Anyway we went yesterday because we will be starting school on Monday. So we officially made it before the summer was over. The beach was perfect yesterday. Not too hot, not too windy and not too many people.

Hannah is excited about starting her Kindergarten stuff. Funny I never once was excited about back to school. She's been asking for weeks when we were going to start. Tuesday we have a field trip to the aquarium so I'm sure I'll have some pictures of that. Hopefully it wont take me a month to get those up. Other than that, not much happening around here.

Here are a couple more pictures from the beach yesterday. I look at the pictures and I can't believe how long her legs are getting. At this rate she will definitely pass me up by the time she's in the third grade!!

Blogger Rene' Morris had this to say:

Sounds like a great day. I wish we had some nice beach closer. We have a pond covered with crap in my yard. :-D Miss you! Email me with a giant update when you can.


Blogger Kate had this to say:

I wish I had a beach closer to me. Those pics are great.

Excellent work on the garbage disposal too.


Blogger Mom had this to say:

I miss your blogging on a regular basis. Hope all is well with your family. Anna says "Hi Hannah!" Take care.


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