Saturday, December 06, 2008
All I Want For Christmas...

That is what Hannah will be singing this Christmas. She has lost another tooth and her other had not grown in yet (I'm thinking because there wasn't enough room for it yet). She lost it on Monday evening and I don't think she was real impressed with the tooth fairy this time. Last time she got 6 quarters and a 50¢ piece. We have only covered pennies and nickels in school and this time she got 4 quarters and a dollar bill. Equal amounts, but not to her. She was thinking that the 50¢ piece last time was a silver dollar. She climbed in bed with Maw Maw one night after the tooth fairy came and said, "that tooth fairy here is sorry!" "Why is that," Maw Maw asks. To which Hannah answers frankly, "because the one at our house gave me 6 quarters and a dollar, but the one here gave me 4 quarters and a dollar, that's sorry. She's a sorry sucker!" I'm pretty sure she learned that phrase from her father!!! Perhaps in the next day or so I'll manage to get a snapshot of her snaggle toothedness! And perhaps next time the tooth fairy will wisen up and give dimes or nickels instead of quarters and dollars!!!


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