Thursday, January 08, 2009
Christmas Time!

So this is a little belated, but I wanted to get them on here anyway. Hannah had a pretty good Christmas this year! Santa and Mrs. Claus stayed up way too late wrapping ALL of Hannah's surprises, but they did manage to catch a few z's before all of the action began. This is a shot of Hannah dressed in her new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Every year we have to go in and wake Hannah...this year was no different. We actually had a hard time getting her to get up. I went in several times before the successful try and she wouldn't budge. But when she finally realized what I was telling her, she was off!

Here she is as she opened her big present. Santa brought Hannah a swing set this year. She had unwrapped the box and was sticking her hand down through one of the holes in the box trying to figure out what was in the big box. I don't know how Santa and Mrs. Claus managed to get that big thing into the house without Hannah getting up. Metal poles that are rolling around in a box make a lot of noise you know! Gives a whole new meaning to "there arose such a clatter!" It was worth it though because Hannah was definitely surprised. She loves her new swing set and we only had to buy a few extra nuts and bolts to finish putting it together. And...we didn't have to make a trip to the emergency room for stitches on anyone!! Yet...I should say!!

Proof positive that the boxes are more fun than the actual gift! Hannah loved....I mean loves her new swing set box. If Santa had only known!! Actually I think she might love the swing set a little more than the box, but she did cry at the thought of throwing the box away!

These last two were taken Christmas Eve. This one after church and the last one before church. I think overall Hannah made out pretty well on Christmas. She loved all of the things she got and I loved every minute of watching her open gifts and play. This picture really shows how big she has gotten. It wont be long before she is as tall as I am...and pretty soon after that she will be taller!! It happens way too fast!

I think this is my new favorite picture!


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