Friday, January 23, 2009
Field Trip

Now this is my kind of school day!! We had a field trip to the circus. Here are a few pictures that I managed to get before the camera battery that I charged this morning ran out of juice!! Guess I should have put it on last night so that it would charge all the way up. I think Hannah had fun on her first trip to the circus.

She loved seeing and talking to the clowns. They were letting people ride the elephants, but I saw a show called "When Wild Animals Attack" one time so I wouldn't let her ride them...not to mention it was $10 a person. When I gave the excuse that that was a very expensive ride, one of the ladies that was with us said, "just let her ride by herself." Uhm...I don't think so! Seriously...are you kidding me?? If that elephant gets mad decides to take off running, my baby is NOT going to be on that elephant by herself. Anyway, I'm not getting on that elephant and I'm certainly not going to put my child on it.

I'll probably have bad dreams tonight!


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